Why is negotiating a vital skill for business success? Because everyone negotiates. Business owners negotiate projects, projections and deadlines with department heads and managers. Sales managers negotiate sales quotas, territory assignments and performance incentives with their sales teams. Salespeople negotiate price, terms and purchase incentives with savvy buyers who are always looking for a better deal.

Sandler's sales, management and negotiation training prepares business executives to confidently enter negotiations and understand the other person’s point of view, skillfully control the situation and effectively orchestrate win-win outcomes.

Quote "I have been involved in sales for over 20 years and I have never encountered a sales training program as effective and comprehensive as Sandler." Sandler addresses every aspect of my involvement with my prospect and gives me the confidence and skills to handle any situation I encounter with integrity, honesty and success for me. Brad McDonald is a wonderful teacher who makes each class fun, interesting and worthwhile. I would highly recommend Sandler of Norfolk to anyone who is looking to improve their life." Quote

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