Many business owners and sales managers believe “sales training doesn’t work.” They view training as an event—often a short-term “quick fix” designed primarily for the moment. But effective training must be a process. It must include application with measurement, feedback, fine-tuning and reinforcement.

This is why Sandler Training works. Achieving lasting behavioral change and mastering new skills do not occur overnight, and Sandler Training is built on the concept of incremental growth and change over time—supported by repetition, reinforcement and coaching.

With Sandler Training, you are not alone. Your Sandler®  trainer is constantly with you, providing coaching, encouragement and feedback as you learn to apply Sandler strategies and tactics to your business environment.

Salespeople are not likely to consistently implement a particular selling strategy or tactic, regardless of how effective it may be, unless it is part of an overall behavioral plan. And, they are not likely to implement a plan unless it is supported by the appropriate attitude and outlook. Sandler Training addresses all three areas necessary for success--attitude, behavior and technique.

Each participant-centered training session—partly motivational, partly instructional—provides you with the concept, knowledge and understanding of the topic as it applies to your selling environment. Through appropriate exercises, you’ll refine your sales-development plan, practice strategies and techniques in a safe environment, and develop your skills, before interacting with prospects and customers.

Quote "I have been involved in sales for over 20 years and I have never encountered a sales training program as effective and comprehensive as Sandler." Sandler addresses every aspect of my involvement with my prospect and gives me the confidence and skills to handle any situation I encounter with integrity, honesty and success for me. Brad McDonald is a wonderful teacher who makes each class fun, interesting and worthwhile. I would highly recommend Sandler of Norfolk to anyone who is looking to improve their life." Quote

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