Brief Company History

David H. Sandler, founder of the Sandler Sales Institute, began sales training and development of the Sandler Selling System® methodology in the late 1960s and early 1970s. He created a proven sales training program for small- and mid-sized companies and Fortune 500 corporations.

Sandler Training, as we are known today, has grown from its original foundation to be the leader in sales training and management training. We have more than 35 years experience, and more than 220 training centers in major cities throughout the country and around the world, and provide instruction in a dozen languages. We’re the only training organization that offers consistent, ongoing reinforcement training throughout the world.

We champion honest, no-nonsense consultative sales and management techniques that get results while preserving the individual team member’s self-respect. Our philosophy embodies a comprehensive approach to selling, the mastery of revolutionary technique and an entirely new attitude toward the sales and management processes.

Sandler not only provides the initial and advanced selling strategies and tactics needed to excel, but our training enables people to develop the attitudes and implement the behavior necessary to reach the highest levels of success.

Executive Team

Sandler Training is headed by David Mattson (CEO), Bruce Seidman (President), Margaret Stevens Jacks (Executive Vice President-Legal and Administration), Steve Howell (Vice President-Operations), Ron Taylor (Vice President-Franchise Development), Tony Gostomski (Vice President-Finance), Michael Norton (Executive Vice President-Global Accounts), Rachel Miller (Vice President–Communications and Publications), Shannon Haaf (General Counsel) and Jesse Jordan (Director–Information Technology).

Quote I have been in the financial planning industry for almost 10 years. I have tried many coaching systems and marketing programs through the years. Most of them have resulted in more money spent than earned back. Brad McDonald and Sandler Training have literally turned my practice around. I no longer waste my time and the time of prospective clients if we are not going to be a good fit. Sandler Training has allowed me to focus on those people that I can help -and more importantly, clients that care about their situation. Equally importantly, the training has empowered me to be fairly compensated for my time and effort spent in planning for my clients. If you are willing to go outside of your comfort zone and do something that scares you a little bit every day in order to improve your practice and the quality of your work for your clients, this training is for you. Quote

Kevin Moravek, Financial Planner