Sandler's Strategic Customer Care Program

What are our expectations of people on the frontline? Are you maximizing your inside business development efforts? 

You ask them to make outgoing calls, cross-sell and up-sell along with the expectation of providing higher service levels.  But are you preparing them to do these tasks well, or are you setting them up for failure? 

•    Do your customer service and inside sales people have the skills and confidence to recognize a business opportunity?
•    Do they too often provide “free consulting” and give out free information to people who are just “shopping around”?
•    Do they lack the questioning and qualifying skills to get to the heart of the prospect’s needs?
•    Have you ever cringed listening to what your inside sales people say to prospects on the phone?
•    Is there more business available, but sales are often missed?

Sandler’s Strategic Customer Care Program is unlike any training available.  This is not a “quick fix”, short-term solution to success.  It provides long-term, incremental reinforcement training and coaching to ensure a return on the training investment.  In addition to proven technical skills, positive attitudes and productive behaviors are developed to effectively implement winning strategies.

Quote 2008 was a great year!...We launched Discover Virginia Beach Magazine, and Sandler Training changed everything about the way we do sales at Discover Media. I want to thank you and your staff for the great training and the professionalism with which you accomplish that training. I feel like I have a true ally in the process of devleoping a sales team, help them become effective, and in building Discover Media. Quote

Jinks Babey, Partner Discover Media