Sandler OnlineSM

Sandler Online is a comprehensive, cloud-based, instructional platform and curriculum management system that delivers the Sandler Training® experience, content, and rich media securely across the Internet. 

Sandler Online provides each subscriber a personal training dashboard showing subscriber-specific course assignments, status, and scores as well as instructional messages and upcoming events.

Sandler Online includes the tools to create and immediately deliver entirely new training courses containing audio, video, images, text, and quizzes to Sandler Online subscribers.

Using Sandler Online LIVE!, clients can receive live, facilitated Sandler®  training delivered online. In addition to live instructional video content, LIVE! training sessions include real-time chat communication between participants and the instructor to enable immediate and relevant Q&A sessions.

Sandler Online includes the Sandler Resource Center which provides 24/7 access to Sandler Training audio, video, and written resources organized into specific sales and management categories.

Through the reach of the Internet, Sandler Online allows clients to access Sandler’s expertise and engaging content whenever and wherever it is needed.

Quote ...Nearly every wrong approach that has been discussed in Brad's training sounds familiar because I think I've tried them all. Imagine my disbelief and joy when Brad convinced me that it didn't have to be that way. ... Since hiring Brad, my agency's new business activities are much more productive. I've learned to "qualify hard and close easy." I'm ashamed to admit it, but I'm not really working any harder, just a whole lot smarter. Quote

Douglas Burdett, President Artillery Marketing Communications