Sandler CRM Products

Now your company can integrate the Sandler Selling System® methodology directly into your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, ensuring that your sales team is applying Sandler Training strategies to the analysis and development of each and every opportunity, thus maximizing your training investment.

By embedding the Sandler Selling System methodology into these CRM solutions, we enable our clients to extend the training and apply it when it is most valuable—during the development of selling opportunities.

Additional benefits:


         •    Faster ROI from training investment— through immediate adoption of the methodology and seamless integration
            into daily business.

          •    Exchange of selling best practices— by integrating the Ideal Sales Process and Coaching Questions into
            opportunity analysis, strategy and action planning.

          •    Cohesive messages— from sales team members to customers by sharing information about customer needs and             value propositions. 

          •    Improved forecast reliability— and coaching effectievness by rapidly identifying critical issues in the sales process.
          •    Strategic Benchmarks— you and your managers can gauge the progress of opportunities, ensuring that key
            information and commitments are obtained to keep the process moving forward.

          •    Accountability— by providing your management team with information about who is using and benefiting from the
            training, and who may need additional reinforcement in specific areas.

          •    Data security— through centralized storage of important opportunity information.

          •    Internal acceptance— integrated programs are better accepted, more effectively implemented and more easily


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Quote Not only has Sandler helped us understand how people make buying decisions, but the training has become the building blocks of understanding and establishing stronger relationships professionally and personally. You certainly can sell without Sandler Training, but why would anyone want to? Quote

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