As President of Sandler Training of Hampton Roads, Brad McDonald is a noted area speaker and consultant on leadership, management and motivation as well as assessment analysis that will assist in the evaluation of job candidates for skills, behaviors and chances for success.

Certified to coach, training and speak for Sandler Training, Extended DISC of North America (Personal Behavior Assessments) and The Devine Group (Talent Management Assessments), Brad's presentation style is interactive and entertaining.  He presents valuable, timely information that is relevant and can be implemented immediately.

Quote ...Nearly every wrong approach that has been discussed in Brad's training sounds familiar because I think I've tried them all. Imagine my disbelief and joy when Brad convinced me that it didn't have to be that way. ... Since hiring Brad, my agency's new business activities are much more productive. I've learned to "qualify hard and close easy." I'm ashamed to admit it, but I'm not really working any harder, just a whole lot smarter. Quote

Douglas Burdett, President Artillery Marketing Communications